B.Sc. Psychology (SF)

Journal Articles

Dr Geo A.Joseph (HOD-Psychology)

Head of the Department Clinical Psychology (RCI Licensed & KSMHA Registe... View Profile

Ms Nivetha S

Assistant Professor counseling psychology , experienced in counseling ... View Profile

Ms Nivethithaa Palanisamy

Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology ... View Profile

Dr Gokila priya S

Assistant Professor Abnormal Psychology and Positive psychology ... View Profile

Ms TamilSelvi Balasubramaniam

Assistant Professor Abnormal Psychology, Positive Psychology ... View Profile

Ms Santhossini M

Assistant Professor clinical psychology ... View Profile

Mr Gobinath Veerachamy

Assistant Professor Health Psychology... View Profile

Dr Gajalakshmi S

Assistant Professor Yoga Psychology/Transpersonal Psychology ... View Profile

Mrs Paviyazhini K S

Assistant Professor Social Psychology, Statistics in Psychology and ot... View Profile